Simplify, streamline and improve the quality of your Reporting with a faster close and insightful reports and dashboards

The modern Finance function is expected to add value by providing business insight, supported by high quality reports and powerful analytics. Our Reporting solution makes it easy to meet the demands of increasing data volumes, additional sources and faster turnaround times.

Firstly, we focus on making it easy to automate the iterative collation and mapping of data into a corporate reporting database. Then we provide simple tools for managing currency, aggregation, rollups and KPI calculations. Finally, our easy to use report writer leverages all the capability of Excel to produce highly formatted reports, charts and dashboards providing internal and external users with the quality they demand.


Shorter reporting cycles 

  • Automate the data collation and aggregation stages of reporting
  • Eliminate many of the manual repetitive steps associated with reporting
  • Automate calculations e.g. KPIs and Allocations
  • Provide reports in a ‘self service’ portal – no more emailing files to distribution lists

Reduce risk

  • Avoid the risks (corruption, broken links, data loss) associated with large spreadsheets being shared by teams of users
  • Lock down previously submitted data e.g. Budget and Prior Year comparatives


  • Easily manage change – central administrative tools means changes are made once and instantly reflected in all reports
  • Meet new requirements – add new data, dimensions or reports to the corporate model within minutes
  • Manage multiple outputs in one solution e.g. Board, Statutory, Management reporting formats

Accessibility & Security 

  • Accessible anywhere, anytime, with Excel, Web and Mobile interfaces
  • Deployment options include Cloud or On-premise
  • Extensive security model to control access to reports, data and dimensions – by individual, group or role


Powerful report writer

  • Simple drag ‘n drop report writer to create highly professional looking reports
  • All Excel features instantly available within reports, e.g. expanding groups, fit to page, conditional formatting, pivot tables
  • Central admin tool means reports can be easily maintained e.g. adding a new account updates all related reports instantly

Integration options 

  • Our solution integrates out of the box with leading cloud and on-premise business systems (ERP/CRM/Analytics) for seamless data loading
  • Connect reports in ‘Live’ mode to run directly against live ERP or line of business applications
  • Integrate directly with PowerBI to access advanced dash-boarding and charting capabilities
  • Integrate with Word and PowerPoint for presentation/publishing

Consolidations, eliminations and currency conversion 

  • Consolidate any number of companies, hierarchies or dimensions
  • Eliminate intercompany transactions automatically or manually
  • Advanced currency conversion options with automated handled of FX differences
  • Business logic for allocations, enabling product, customer and project profitability reporting
  • Sarbanes Oxley (SOX) compliant, including audit trail of adjustments

Report packages 

  • Group reports together into useful packs – output to Excel, CSV or PDF
  • Schedule the execution and distribution of reports
  • Easily manage access for large user population

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