Centralise key business data from across your organisation into one highly flexible and accessible environment

The biggest challenge in reporting is having all your key business data accessible and reportable in one place when you need it.

Our solution solves this problem by making it easy to collate, load and store data from multiple sources into one database. Providing pre-configured support for data mapping, loading and rollups, our Data Warehouse is a powerful asset in any Group Finance department. It is also designed to be built and managed by non-technical users – a feature that really makes this solution stand alone in its’ class.


Find all your data in one place

  • Load data from multiple sources (e.g. ERP, CRM, Payroll) into one reporting repository
  • Handle unlimited data types in one solution (Actual, Budget, Forecast, 5 year plan etc)

Quick to implement

  • This data-warehouse is pre-configured, allowing you to get up and running quickly
  • Use our pre-configured modules to instantly report on common data sets, e.g. GL, Sales, Projects, HR
  • Easy to create additional custom dimensions (e.g. Product, Customer, Market, Region etc)

Familiar and scalable environment

  • The data warehouse is built on Microsoft SQL Server – providing enterprise level integrity, scalability and security
  • Reporting is provided via the Excel based report writer – easy to learn and intuitive to use

Integrate different types of data and modelling

  • Handle financial, non-financial and statistical data for reporting and/or modelling
  • Store unlimited versions or iterations for comparatives/scenario/’what-if’ reporting

Empower finance users to drive reporting

  • No SQL or programming skills required to configure or manage this solution
  • Data explorer tools allow users to easily manage and analyse data



Out-of-the-box integration

  • Pre-built connectors are available for several popular data sources e.g. Dynamics ERP, Dynamics CRM, NetSuite, SAP Business One, Sage, Google Analytics

Simple data management tools

  • Simple tools for Filtering, Grouping, sorting – allowing administrators to view and validate data at any time
  • Easy to use import and export features, making it easy to move data in and out of the warehouse as required

Advanced financial reporting features

  • Dr/Cr logic for storing financial transactions and adjustments
  • Option to handle Periodic and/or Cumulative data
  • Pre-configured logic for currency conversion, consolidation, elimination and minority handling

Drag and drop trees for consolidation and rollups

  • Setup Trees/Hierarchies for companies, accounts and other dimensions with simple drag and drop design

Unlimited reporting attributes

  • Extend your reporting capability by adding additional reporting attributes to imported data directly within the warehouse e.g. to group customers by Region

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