Streamline your Budgeting process with improved control, integration and collaboration

Our Budgeting and Planning Solution is designed to streamline each step in the corporate budgeting process. With functionality for designing templates, publishing drivers, locking down comparatives, managing deadlines and storing unlimited versions, this Budgeting software addresses all the key weaknesses of spreadsheet budgeting.

Our security and workflow model allows participants to interact appropriately with the process, be they contributors or reviewers. Most importantly, in our solution, Budgeting is tightly integrated with all other elements of reporting – and not hived off into yet another set of spreadsheets.


Improve Control

  • Create, assign and schedule Budgeting related tasks for all participants
  • Centralise management and monitoring of process, tasks and timelines
  • Parse the Budgeting process – users only see and interact with the data they are responsible for
  • Instantly review, approve and consolidate all Planning data in one single system

Reduce Effort

  • Eliminate the manual effort associated with completing and emailing spreadsheet templates
  • Auto-populate numbers e.g. comparatives, allocations etc
  • Automatic creation of New Year Budget/New Month Forecast templates
  • Easily manage any type of Planning, from a simple one pass Forecasting process (e.g. Weekly Flash reporting) to a complex multi-year iterative Budgeting process

Drive ownership with Version Handling

  • Track versions, monitor changes and store unlimited iterations for in-depth analysis and data driven Planning
  • Influence behaviour with instant comparatives and visibility of rolling forecast iterations

Align to the business plan

  • Share strategic plans, goals and targets with users for clarity and transparency
  • Centralise management and communication of targets, drivers and required KPIs
  • Use the data – make Budgeting/Forecasting a core business process – not just an annual pain for Finance
  • Seed the Planning model with data from core business applications such as ERP or CRM
  • Share the Planning data back to these systems to help drive change


Familiar/Easy to use

  • Our planning solution sits in Excel and is instantly familiar and easy to learn
  • Planning templates are quick to build and easy to modify – no requirement for technical skills beyond Excel
  • Simple administration tool empowers Finance users to manage the entire process without IT or external dependency

Flexibility of approach

  • Build a Top Down (Driver Based) or Bottom Up (user driven) budgeting solution, depending on corporate philosophy and preferences
  • Mix highly summarised data (e.g. Balance Sheet planning) with detailed transaction level data (e.g. Sales Planning) in one corporate model


  • Separate, configurable access models for both data entry and reporting
  • Support an open philosophy of sharing data or enforce tight control with user access strictly limited by dimension
  • Manage access by Group/Role – for easy administration across a large user population


  • New periods/years are automatically handled by the software
  • Built in currency conversion for consolidation, constant currency etc
  • Spreading tools to reduce effort associated with completing Plans
  • Allocations based on simple or complex business rules

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